Thousands March in Jerusalem to Protest Weakening of Israel’s Courts

On Saturday, thousands of marchers reached Jerusalem, concluding a five-day walk from Tel Aviv, to express their discontent with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intentions to diminish the authority of Israel's courts. The demonstrators arrived just one day before Israeli lawmakers begin discussions on legislation that could potentially be the first step in implementing the plan as law.

Marchers Gather in Jerusalem

The organizers estimated that the number of participants in the march could reach up to 30,000, but CNN journalists reported a figure closer to 5,000. The march coincides with the upcoming debate in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, regarding a bill seeking to strip the Supreme Court of the power to declare government decisions “unreasonable.” This move would eliminate one of the few checks on the government's actions in a country with no written Constitution.

Netanyahu’s Plans

Prime Minister Netanyahu has decided to move forward with his plans after pausing earlier this year due to widespread protests and international pressure. The reasonableness bill is just one aspect of the overall plan, and it requires two more Knesset votes before it can become law. It is possible that the bill could pass as early as Monday. Other proposals under consideration include granting the government more influence in the appointment of judges.

Reform or Coup?

Supporters of Netanyahu's measures, including the Prime Minister himself, refer to them as “reforms” and argue that they are necessary to rebalance power between the courts, lawmakers, and the government. However, opponents of the plan view it as a coup, claiming that it poses a significant threat to Israel's democratic system by removing a crucial check on government actions.

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Concerns of Delay and Security

There have been suggestions that Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, a member of Netanyahu's Likud party, is attempting to delay the vote. More than 1,000 Air Force reserve officers recently issued an open letter stating that they would stop volunteering if the bill is passed. This development could potentially impact Israel's military capabilities, especially given the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian violence and the country's frequent airstrikes on Iranian-linked targets in Syria. Gallant's office released a statement expressing his efforts to find a broad consensus and prevent damage to Israel's security.

Anti-overhaul demonstrations are also scheduled to take place across the country on Saturday night for the 29th consecutive week.

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