The Barbie Movie Cast Reveals Surprising Trivia About Each Other

The much-awaited Barbie movie is finally hitting theaters this week, marking the completion of the Barbiefication of pop culture. Despite spending time together in Barbie Land, the film’s cast and director, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig, have some secrets left to uncover about each other.

A Fun Game of Trivia

Margot Robbie quizzes Greta Gerwig about her knowledge of the cast in a recent Vanity Fair interview. “Have we not had this conversation before? I love that there’s still something you don’t know about me,” remarks Robbie. The group, including Issa Rae, America Ferrera, and Kate McKinnon, gathered for a personal trivia test before the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Revealing Secrets

The trivia game delves into various topics, ranging from their favorite reality shows (Love Island UK being a standout) to the movie that required Robbie to hold her breath for five minutes. Ferrera admits her guilty pleasure, which is not showering for a few days, and Robbie humorously suggests Gerwig’s worst habit might be related to cleanliness. It turns out Gerwig is quite messy, as attested by her partner Noah Baumbach, who also cowrote Barbie.

A Fun Sleepover

During filming in London, the cast (excluding Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken) had a “totally girly” sleepover. Ferrera nostalgically mentions that they should have played the trivia game during that sleepover. The video above reveals even more exciting answers, including the artist Rae would want to rap the theme song of her life and what makes McKinnon laugh the most.

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