Dangerous Truth: Common Medications Can Lead to Depression

6506ee005d512 Dangerous Truth: Common Medications Can Lead To Depression

The use of certain medications may increase the risk of depression, according to a study that analyzed the medication consumption habits of over 26,000 adults from 2005 to 2014. It was discovered that more than 200 commonly prescribed medications, including hormonal contraceptives, medications for hypertension and heart, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), antacids, and analgesics, have … Read more

10 Natural Remedies for Depression That You Need to Try!

10 Natural Remedies For Depression That You Need To Try!

Introduction: Depression is a widespread mental disorder that affects millions of people globally. While there are various conventional treatments available, there are also natural remedies that can help alleviate the symptoms of depression. In this article, we will explore ten natural approaches that may be beneficial in combating depression. 1. St. John’s Wort St. John’s … Read more

New Study Challenges Link Between Depression and Cancer Risk

New Study Challenges Link Between Depression And Cancer Risk

The number of individuals suffering from depression and anxiety is on the rise globally. Depression affects approximately 5% of the global adult population, and about 40 to 50% of those with major depression also experience anxiety. Previous research has established a connection between depression, anxiety, and an increased risk of certain diseases, including cancer. However, … Read more