Patient Shoots and Kills Surgeon in Memphis Clinic

A tragic incident unfolded at a suburban Memphis clinic on Tuesday afternoon when a patient opened fire and fatally shot an orthopedic surgeon in an examination room. The suspect, identified as Larry Pickens, was apprehended by the Collierville Police within minutes of the incident. Pickens, 29, has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault. The victim, Dr. Benjamin Mauck, was a highly respected surgeon at the clinic.

Capturing the Tragic Event

Authorities responded to the scene shortly after 2 p.m., where they discovered that the suspect had been a patient at the clinic for several hours before the shooting occurred. The incident appeared to be targeted, and the suspect utilized a handgun, which was recovered at the time of his arrest. The shooting took place in an examination room, and after the attack, the gunman fled the premises before being apprehended near the clinic's entrance. The swift response of law enforcement prevented further loss of life.

Remembering Dr. Benjamin Mauck

Dr. Benjamin Mauck, a specialist in elbow, hand, and wrist surgeries, tragically lost his life in the attack. He had been a valued member of the clinic's staff since August 2012. Described as highly respected and beloved, his untimely death has left the medical community and his family devastated. Dr. Mauck graduated from Lambuth University and the University of Tennessee-Memphis, and he completed his residency at UT-Campbell Clinic.

No Other Casualties

Fortunately, no other individuals were harmed during the shooting. The clinic had numerous patients and employees present at the time of the incident. The Collierville Police Chief commended the swift action and efforts of Campbell Clinic workers, who followed their active shooter training protocols to ensure the safety of others.

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Due to this tragic event, Campbell Clinic has announced that it will be closed on Wednesday.

Concerns Over Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Violence targeting healthcare workers has been a distressing trend across the United States in recent years. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that approximately 23% of cases involving intentional, nonfatal injuries by another person, resulting in time away from work, involved healthcare practitioners and -related technical occupations. Research indicates that the targeting of healthcare workers in shootings is more common compared to other types of mass shootings. Last year, a gunman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, killed four people, including an orthopedic surgeon, whom he blamed for his pain. This alarming trend of lethal assaults on medical personnel is on the rise.

Stay informed about this disturbing issue.

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