Lose Weight Fast: Discover the #1 Calorie-Burning Sport!

Regular combined with a is an effective way to achieve . Physical activity helps burn calories, which is crucial for shedding pounds. In this article, we will explore the top sports for weight loss and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

Ranking of Calorie-Burning Sports

Let's start with a ranking of popular sports based on their calorie-burning potential:

  1. Running: approximately 600 calories per hour
  2. : approximately 500 calories per hour
  3. Cycling: approximately 400 calories per hour
  4. Jogging: approximately 300 calories per hour
  5. Tennis: approximately 250 calories per hour
  6. : approximately 200 calories per hour
  7. Hiking: approximately 180 calories per hour
  8. Yoga and pilates: approximately 150 calories per hour
  9. Walking: approximately 100 calories per hour
  10. Dancing: approximately 80 calories per hour

The Best Sports for Gentle Weight Loss


Walking is an excellent sport for gentle weight loss. According to a study from Harvard University, a person weighing 70 kg burns approximately 175 calories in 30 minutes of moderate-paced walking at 6.4 km/h. Another study on women with obesity found that walking for about one hour, three times a week, can reduce body fat by 1.5% and waist circumference by an average of 2.8 cm in three months.

Advantages of walking:

  • Easy to practice
  • No specific equipment required
  • Very low risk of injury
  • Minimal stress on the joints
  • Easy to integrate into a daily routine
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Disadvantages of walking:

  • Lower calorie expenditure compared to other sports
  • Requires consistency
  • Less enjoyable in cold or rainy weather


Running is the ultimate activity for weight loss. A pace above 6.5 km/h is considered a jog, while a pace above 10 km/h is considered running. According to Harvard estimates, a person weighing 70 kg burns more than 285 calories in 30 minutes of jogging at a speed of 8 km/h. Research suggests that running can help burn visceral fat, which surrounds the digestive organs.

Advantages of running:

  • High calorie expenditure
  • Improves cardiovascular and the body's ability to use oxygen
  • More enjoyable than walking

Disadvantages of running:

  • Higher impact on the joints
  • Less enjoyable in cold or rainy weather
  • Intense effort in the beginning compared to walking


Cycling is an enjoyable sport for weight loss. According to Harvard estimates, a person weighing 70 kg burns approximately 250 calories in 30 minutes of cycling at a moderate pace, which is about 15 km/h. Regular cycling is associated with improved overall fitness, increased insulin sensitivity, and a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and death.

Advantages of cycling for weight loss:

  • Easy to practice without specific fitness requirements
  • Low impact on the joints
  • Can be easily incorporated into a daily routine for commuting or errands

Disadvantages of cycling:

  • Risk of falling
  • Less enjoyable in winter or rainy weather
  • Need for secure bike storage space

Weightlifting and Muscle Strengthening

Weightlifting and muscle strengthening activities can contribute to calorie burning. A person weighing 70 kg burns approximately 100 calories in 30 minutes of weightlifting. Weightlifting has an advantage over other disciplines as it promotes muscle growth, which can increase the resting metabolic rate. Several studies have shown that the body continues to burn calories for several hours after a weightlifting session.

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Advantages of weightlifting and muscle strengthening:

  • Increased resting metabolic rate
  • Muscle growth
  • Can be practiced with different levels of resistance
  • Can be practiced with or without equipment

Disadvantages of weightlifting and muscle strengthening:

  • Requires proper technique to avoid injuries
  • Need for a training program tailored to one's goals


Swimming is a complete sport that engages all the muscles in the body. Depending on weight and intensity of effort, a person can burn between 300 and 500 calories per hour of swimming. Swimming has the advantage of not exerting pressure on the joints, making it an ideal activity for people with joint problems.

Advantages of swimming for weight loss:

  • Complete activity that engages all muscles in the body
  • Low impact on the joints
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